Intelligent decision models for the management of energy sustainability

Modelos de decisión inteligentes para la gestión de la sustentabilidad energética

Working Tables - Purpose & Dynamics

In a working group (WG) with a particular subject, the members of the WG will share their ideas towards potential projects. In order to maximize the rate of success, there is a need of, at least, a leader (an expert in the topic) in charge of organizing, in an efficient way, participation of group members and coordinate with the Secretary (previously identified) to keep track and record agreements and compromises. Also, the Secretary will write up all the communications and follow the dynamic of participation and record for further follow up. Another important role of the Secretary is to control time and to fill the documents e.g. “one- page -project definition” (available a priori).

Briefly, the role of the Chairman is to moderate, encourage, animate and guide the discussion between participants and to ensure that the WG can converge to one or several specific projects.

The purpose of these sessions is:

Model integration

Integración de modelos

# Name Organization
1 Brenda Berenice Carrasco Enríquez CENACE
2 Amalia Pizarro Cooperación Danesa
3 Rafael Alexandri Rionda SENER
4 Sergio Castellanos Rodríguez Berkeley
5 Berenice Hernández Miranda SENER
6 Jesús Raymundo Duque Mora SENER
7 Ricardo Angel Granados López ITESM
8 Edgar Alvarado Ombudsman Energia Mexico
9 Alejandro Flores Benítez ITESM

Distributed generation

Generación Distribuida

# Name Organization
1 Diego Dorantes UNAM Facultad de Ingeniería
2 Guillermo Miranda Hernández CENACE
3 Miguel Rodriguez Aguilar Tec Laguna
4 David Villalpando CRE
5 Aban Alonso Moreno Aguilar Tecnologico de Monterrey
6 Jose Hugo Carmona Carmona Tecnologico de Monterrey
6 Nancy Jimenez Camacho Ombudsman Energia Mexico

Energy efficiency

Eficiencia energética

# Name Organization
1 Itha Sanchez Ramos INEEL
2 Juana Julieta Noguez Monroy ITESM
3 Marlene Ofelia Sanchez Escobar ITESM
4 Tonatiuh Aguilera García Fabregat CENACE
5 Julio Briceño Tec Laguna
6 Karla Angélica Pérez Rodríguez ITESM
7 Alain de los Angeles Ubaldo Higuera SENER
7 Stephanie Ruiz López Comisión Nacional para el Uso Eficiente de la Energía, CONUEE