Miguel Ángel Zúñiga

Tecnológico de Monterrey

Miguel Ángel Zúñiga García is a Researcher in the Instituto Nacional de Electricidad y Energías Limpias (INEEL). He has attained his BSE in Industrial Robotics by the Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN) and is a MS on Computer Science with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence from the Centro Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo Tecnológico (CENIDET). He completed a student stay at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid under the supervision of Dr. Enrique Cabello Pardos creating classification algorithms using artificial neural networks and parameters of fractal geometry applied to face recognition. He has 7 years of experience in software development of statistical type, data analysis and exploitation of information mainly in the energy sector. He is currently undertaking a PhD project at the Tecnologico de Monterrey. His subjects of interest are Automated Learning, Big Data and Analytics, Predictive Analysis, Forecast Models, Ensemble Methods and Hybrid Systems.