Niels Bisgaard Pedersen

Danish Energy Agency (Denmark)

  • Master in Economics from the University of Copenhagen


Niels Bisgaard Pedersen is a Danish energy economist. He has a master in economics from the University of Copenhagen and has been occupied in the energy sector since graduation in 1984 with corporate finance, energy system planning, system modelling and project development with focus on renewable energy and sustainability. Firstly in the Danish natural gas industry and later as consultant in a large international private consultancy company working with energy system modelling, scenarios for the development in the energy sector, renewable energy and its role in the energy system and financial and environmental analysis of large energy investments as power plants, transmission systems and renewable energy. Focus has continously been on sustainable energy systems. From 2010 to 2014, I was working with in the African Development Bank with development of investments projects in regional energy infrastructure in Africa such as hydropowerplants, power transmission lines and capacity building in regional power pools. Since 2013 I have worked with the Danish Energy Danish program for Global cooperation with building capacity in system modelling and LT scenario analyses in China with our chinese partner China National Renewable Energy Centre. Since 2015 we have been assisting SENER with developing a Balmorel power system model for Mexico and making long term scenario analysis for renewable energy in Mexico.